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We offer a transparent and trustworthy auction service that matches buyers and sellers to achieve the best prices.

At Simon Blyth, we understand that buying or selling a property can be overwhelming. To provide you with a broader range of options that suit your needs, we partner with iamsold, the UK's No.1 Residential Property Auction Provider. Property auctions can be an appealing alternative to Private Treaty, particularly for those seeking speed and security. With iamsold, you can complete the process within 56 days, giving you ample time to organize mortgage finance. You can also bid online anytime and review upfront Property Information Packs to make an informed decision.

Sellers can benefit from no Selling Fee, financially committed buyers, and competitive bidding, leading to a higher final Selling Price of their property. With iamsold and Simon Blyth, you can expect a fast, safe, and stress-free buying or selling experience. Trust us to help you achieve a great result.

Sell your house quickly and securely

No upfront cost for sellers to enter a property

Transparency with detailed information available upfront

Track and view previous bids with real-time updates

What we've been able to achieve so far

    • 1 120 auction sales
    • 2 905 property viewings
    • 3 585 bids
    • 4 £18,769,009 combined sales price
    • 5 Over a million pounds achieved over start prices

Discover the difference with Simon Blyth

0% commission to sell

A no sale, no fee basis; nothing to pay to enter your property into one of our auctions and nothing to pay whether your property sells or not.

An undisclosed reserve price

This figure is set separately to your marketing price to ensure you reach a value you are happy for the property to sell for.

A fixed date to sell & move

These realistic yet fixed timescales are set from the start, to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible to time frames that benefit all.

Achieve market value

Due to increased activity, a competitive bidding war may ensue to win your property, naturally driving up the final selling price, achieving the best price possible for you.


We offer both traditional and modern methods with flexible routes for sellers looking to sell quickly, heighten interest in their property, or add security to the process that the open market may not be able to offer.


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Modern method of auction

If you’re selling a desirable property, have inherited a property you don’t need, want to maximise the sale price from the market or need a quick secure sale consider a modern auction method. Instead of a saleroom, bidders can register online – helping you reach the largest possible audience.

It’s totally secure, with buyers paying a non-refundable reservation to secure the property and have 56 days to complete the transaction. The risks are low, and with our expert help, the rewards can be a much higher final price than a traditional action or sale.

Traditional auction

At a traditional auction, buyers have one chance to secure the property they want, so give it the best chance by working with us. We can set a guide price, list your property, prepare auction packs and give it the best chance of realising the highest price.

Traditional property auctions are a quick and stress-free way to secure a speedy sale for your property. Buyers are pre-vetted and will pay a 10% deposit and exchange contracts, before completing a few weeks later.

Whatever reason you have for selling your property, we can help you maximise its sale price in the shortest possible time.

Bid and buy with confidence

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got one property or a portfolio of hundreds, we can help you place the winning bid and secure the auction investment you want at the right price.

Our industry-experts are on-hand to provide the information and insights you need to support your purchase. We’ve worked with hundreds of buyers to navigate the home auction process, helping them to secure finance that enables them to complete their property purchase quickly and without stress. It also gives you the assurance that your bid won’t be gazumped as once you have paid the reservation fee you have 56 days to complete the sale with the knowledge your bid is secure.

Property auctioning FAQs

There are many reasons you may want to auction a house. The modern method of sale is an ideal way to sell your property quickly and securely . Auctions offer you the chance to reach a much wider range of potential buyers and achieve a higher sales price. Whatever your reasons for choosing to auction your home, Simon Blyth can help you achieve the best price for your property.
Buying a house at auction is a straightforward process, whether via a traditional or modern auction method. Once you’ve identified the property you want to buy, you’ll need to register to bid and provide assurances that you have the finances in place to complete the deal. If your bid is the highest at the end of the auction process, you’ll have to complete the transaction by paying a deposit. Some properties may be subject to a reserve price that you will need to meet. This is a minimum price that the property must meet before it’s sold.
Selling a house through the modern method of auction with Simon Blyth is a simple and straightforward process. You can choose between either a traditional method of auction or a modern form of auction. We will work with you to identify the most suitable auction process for your property.

Once we have agreed on a suitable method, we will manage every aspect of the sale, including taking pictures, preparing the particulars, registering the property for sale, and the completion and exchange process. We’re with you every step of the way.
If you want to bid on a house at a traditional auction, you will need to have secured finance before you bid. While it is possible to secure a mortgage on an auction property, the restrictive timeframes of traditional auctions mean that they’re more suitable to cash buyers and investors.

If you’re bidding on a property through a modern method of auction, the 56-day period gives you the chance to secure the finance on your new property if required.
To bid on a house using both a traditional and modern method of auction, you will need to register. During this process, you will need to prove that you have access to suitable finance to complete on the deal.

If your bid is successful, you will need to pay a 10% deposit (traditional auction) or a non-refundable reservation fee (modern method of auction). You then have a limited period in which to complete the transaction. Always check the legal pack before you bid.

You can trust us to help you secure a stress-free and quick sale